© 2014 by Justin Philalack


Hi, there friend. First off, thanks for checking out my work. There's a lot of things on the internet and making your way here is a one in a bajillion chance. So welcome. Here's a little bit about me. My official title is Senior Editor at a young company called Kertis Creative, in good ole Louisville, Kentucky. Never been? I'd recommend you check out the bourbon, with a couple of rocks. 

As a Sr. Editor, I have a bit of management and organization but I mostly edit videos but still make it out in the field to shoot. Those videos range from local non-profits, Louisville's art institutions and General Electric Appliances. At Kertis Creative, we approach storytelling in a documentary sense and collaborate as a team. Did I mention I studied at Western Kentucky University and left with a degree in photojournalism? I don't claim to be a journalist but I still practice the journalism ethics I was taught, for I feel that is an authentic way of storytelling. So for forty-something hours a week, I get to listen to peoples stories and make great videos to represent said stories. I'm pretty stoked to be doing what I do. 

Wanna work together? Let's start a conversation and see where that takes us, eh? 

[email protected] || 615.512.6119